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Drapery Cleaning

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Our Process

Estimate and Take-Down
In our initial visit to your home, our service technician will inspect and measure your drapes. After providing a free estimate, we will then carefully remove and transport them to our cleaners.

Our equipment has been specially designed for Drapery, and uses our exclusive cleaning process which removes dust, smoke, pollen, odors and soil; yet assures that your draperies will be returned with parallel pleats, even hems, and no shrinkage. Your draperies will always come back the same size without damages!

When the cleaning process is complete, our specialist will return your draperies to your home and hang them with utmost professional care.


Drapery Cleaning Features

  • Take-down and re-hanging Service

  • Convenient, on-time appointments

  • Parallel Pleats, even hems, and no shrinkage

  • Repairs and alterations available

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